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Online jobsites have forever changed how people apply for positions. Applicants now have the ability to put in for a job in a matter of seconds with the push of a button. It’s helpful to applicants, but it also can cause bottlenecks for people in human resources who must sort through a mountain of resumes. Using AI recruiting and video interviewing provides a solution to that challenge.

By giving applicants the opportunity to interact with software that uses video interviewing and stores their recorded answers, businesses can quickly reduce the number of people to seriously consider for a job opening. It also allows them to cut down on the time, energy and money they allocate to sifting through resumes.

The Challenges Faced by Businesses in Managing Job Applicants

There are more job applicants than ever, and they can easily apply for multiple jobs in a matter of minutes. On one hand, that’s great for a business that wants to find the best and brightest for each job. On the other hand, that means a lot of work for people in human resources.

Efficiency is key to success in any business, and that extends to HR operations. But they face significant roadblocks and challenges in the digital age of job hunting.

The sheer volume of resumes received for a single job opening can be overwhelming. Job postings attract hundreds, if not thousands, of applicants, making it a Herculean task for HR managers to review each resume thoroughly. This influx of resumes not only consumes valuable time and resources but also increases the likelihood of overlooking qualified candidates amid a sea of applications. 

What’s more, the quality of resumes varies significantly, posing a challenge for HR managers in assessing candidates objectively. While some submit well-organized resumes that highlight relevant skills, others submit generic or poorly formatted documents. Identifying candidates who meet the job requirements is daunting. It’s tough to separate the wheat from the chaff.

HR managers have long had software to scan resumes for certain keywords. But the latest AI-augmented technology goes far beyond that to make HR more efficient.

CandidateView Platform Uses Video Interviewing, AI to Sift Through Job Candidates

The CandidateView platform offers an example of what the latest technology can accomplish for business leaders who want to make recruiting both effective and efficient.

The company reports that its early adopter clients have already eliminated 65% of unwanted applications. It also has cut down on the time spent going through resumes, and reduced time wasted inviting people in for interviews who do not show up.

Here’s an overview of how the system works.

  • When someone clicks to fill out a job application, they go to a form that asks for basic information and allows them to upload their resume.
  • On that page are some questions to gauge the applications skills and certifications (if applicable) for the job, and also “knockout” questions such as ensuring the person is over 18.
  • They then see an intro video that thanks the applicant for their interest. It also requests that, as the next step in the application process, they go through a series of video questions and make a video of their response to each.
  • Once they start the process, applicants are asked questions from AI-generated questioners or from people with the company. Companies pick from 400 pre-written questions and can also choose how they want the person asking the questions to look. Questions can also be asked in foreign languages.
  • Applicants record their response, typically in a minute or less.
  • After all the questions are answered, the candidate then watches an exit video customized for the business.

Many applicants are eliminated because they do not do the video, although around 80% of people do the video immediately or ask to be sent a link and finish the video later. Based on the recorded answers, hiring managers can more quickly determine whether to move job candidates to the next phase of the hiring process.

Benefits of Using the CandidateView Platform

While HR personnel may go through some resumes in as little as six to eight seconds, the true time it takes is as long as two to three minutes, according to LinkedIn. Using AI-enhanced screening with video interviewing allows HR managers to consistently go through more applications. Typically, video interviewing allows them to determine if the person is potentially the right fit in about 90 seconds.

That is a difference of about 30 seconds saved per resume, or a total of 100 minutes per 200 candidates. Keep in mind that 65% of unwanted applicants are already eliminated either because they did not complete the video or turned in answers that instantly made it clear they were not the right fit for the job. That’s another huge block of time saved.

Another factor is the elimination of “no-shows” at interviews. Numbers vary, but it’s a big problem for HR personnel who spend time and energy getting ready for an interview, and then the person doesn’t show up. USA Today reports that 20% to 50% of applicants do not show up. Business Insider says some businesses report a staggering 90% of people fail to show up for interviews.

If you’re a business leader or hiring manager interested in what CandidateView offers, you can find out more by requesting a demo. It can be the first step toward making HR operations more effective and efficient.

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