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Introducing CandidateView, a SaaS-based video solution that revolutionizes the hiring process. Our platform allows candidates to familiarize themselves with your organization and directly respond to the questions that you value most. Say goodbye to old-fashioned resumes and embrace the future of video screening. Save time, energy, and money while gaining valuable insights into prospective candidates. Upgrade your hiring approach with CandidateView!

Product & Service

Candidate Video

Candidate Video goes beyond traditional CVs/resumes. We provide a quick, efficient assessment platform for employers. Through asynchronous video interviews, candidates answer questions at their convenience, and employers gain deeper insights into skills and reviews on their schedules.

Candidate Attract

Candidate Attract is a media platform to drive qualified candidates to job postings. When combined with Candidate Video, businesses can personalize campaigns targeting ideal candidates to help speed up and streamline the hiring process.

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A team of experienced entrepreneurs and industry veterans in Digital Media, Marketing, and HR Technologies. We aim to disrupt the hiring process, benefiting both employers and candidates alike.

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